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Reflect & Recharge

Hey Loves!

I haven't written much in a while.  I've been kinda ghost on all my social media accounts.  I've needed this time to be just be quiet.  I've spent a lot of days admiring the work of other sewcialists.  Honey, this may be a group of some of the most talented and inspiring people I've ever encountered.  I'm so serious.  I mean they really rock.

While I stalked all this awesomeness, I had time to reflect on 2018.  This year my struggle with anxiety got the best of me.  It almost completely broke me.  I rarely talk about it because I don't want to give it life, but this year, I struggled.  That overwhelmed feeling never went away.  It actually got worse as the year went on.  I couldn't get out of the hole.  The small victories that seemed to keep me together we my sewing projects:

Erin Pouch (
Ankara & Tulle Ball Gown  (
Black Prom Dress (http://
Easter Dress  (
Maxi Dress  (
Formal Jumpsuit (
Pretty Top (
First Fashion Show (
Maid of Honor Dress (
Wedding Guest Dress (
Birthday Jumper (
Boutique Pants (

My Sister's Shirt (

I bought the shirt in the picture above from a fellow sewcialist a few months back.  I had these grand plans to write a post about the meaning of the shirt to me.  Truth be told, I couldn't.  I could not tell anyone what it meant to me because I was so broken.  I couldn't truthfully tell anyone how sewing made me feel because of all the crazy going on.  But when I reflected on these makes, though small to some, these were huge to me.  They gave me an opportunity to win.  They gave an opportunity to say I completed something.  They gave me an opportunity to focus on something other than the never ending list of things that I struggled to get out of my head.  So yea, Tabitha had it right.  Sewing does heal!

I'm taking all the sadness, frustration, and anxiety of 2018 and using it to fuel my ambitions for 2019.  I made it.  I didn't succumb to my anxiety.  I found a way to cope.  I'm here in 2019 recharged and ready for whatever.  I may not be the best at sewing but I won't stop because it's my secret safe place. In the basement with my fabric, patterns, and Brothers, I can leave all my worries and find inner peace if only for a little while.

Thank you all for coming a long my journey.  Thank you for your patience when I wasn't here. Thank you for your support.  I hope you'll stay with me in 2019.  I'll try not to disappoint.

Until next time, SMOOCHES!



What's Hot Here?

NL 6519: I Knew It From the Start

Hey Loves! I'm back.  It's been a minute!  I've been busy! But, I took a quick break to make something for me. Top & Headband: By Me (New Look A6519; Cotton from Wal-Mart); Jeans: Target  (Similar); Shoes: JustFab  (Reeta) I saw the cutest yellow and black polka dot fabric in Wal-Mart on clearance (2 yards for $1.87).  When I saw it, I immediately thought about New Look A6519.  It's just one of those patterns I pick up often and put it back because the fabric isn't quite right.  Well, this was the one. I got home and printed one of the croquis from Golden Rippy .  I took a few minutes to sketch it out.  I enjoyed it so much! After sketching, I knew jeans would be perfect. Each time I try a new pattern, I have to read the directions thoroughly...usually 2 or 3 times before I start.  After reading the directions, I got to work.  The directions were so straight to the point and easy to follow.  I decided this pattern was perfect for practicing French

Congratulations Are In Order, Part 1: DIY Wedding Gift

This past weekend my big little guy was in a wedding. I love weddings so I was very excited. The four of us (and all the bags) piled in the Tahoe for the road trip. It was quite the adventure, but it was worth every minute. Back to what you came here for the DIY project. One night while searching Pinterest, I found this really cool print: Bourbon & Boots - $109 I thought it would be a great gift for a couple.  I even thought it would be for my bedroom (I'm seriously considering making one for us).  So, when I was thinking of the perfect gift for this wedding, my mind immediately went back to this idea. I thought about how I could make this idea my own.  I came up with this: My Version I took this before I decided to add the year they were married to the center top. Here's what I used: Frame & Mat:  I was prepared to make my own mat, but I found a frame that included the perfect mat  for 3 5" by 7" prints at Ross. Map: You can bu

Hello March!

Hey Loves! It's March!  What happened to February? You know what I love about March?!  Spring is near.  After fashion week is all said and done, I like to check out the trends.  I tend to sew whatever I'm feeling but it's nice to know what the trends are for the season and try to add a little of that into my wardrobe.  I like the HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear trend reports. HapersBazaar is my favorite because they show you the runway style, some options to buy, and some street style.  Here's my top 5 from the two reports. Hot Pants/Short Shorts Both HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear had short shorts on their lists. Yes, I'm a little old for crop tops and short shorts.  BUT, I'm not too old for short shorts and a cute duster or maxi shirt dress. Do you see the vision? Pattern Suggestions: Linen Loungers by Patterns for Pirates  |  M7961 by McCall's Patterns  |  K3614 by KwikSew Bermuda Shorts Both HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear had Bermuda shorts on th