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M6886: Back to Basics

Hey Loves!

Have you ever looked in your closet full of clothes and thought I don't have anything to wear?!  Come on! Be honest with yourself.  I do it all the time.  Recently, I had an epiphany about my closet.  It's full of special occasion stuff.  It's full of things I don't want to wear often because they are so memorable.  Even if I change up the accessories and shoes or add a cardigan or blazer, it doesn't make much of a difference.

I struggled with why it was so hard to get past that.  I initially thought it was the fabric.  Oh, I love a bright fun print!  My closet is pretty colorful. That wasn't the issue because I have some brightly colored clothes that I switch up all the time.  I kept thinking.  It's the design!  It's the flounce, split, ruffle, etc. that makes it hard to style again.

I said to myself it's the extras you can't get past.  I'll just make simpler designs in fun fabrics!  I started with this one a Tried N True pattern…

A6514: Pink on the Inside; Blue on the Outside

Hey Loves,

It's just me coming through another one of my faves! LOL Every thing is my favorite!

In October,  Kelli of @truebias and Heather Lou of @closetcase.patterns introduced a new challenge #sewfrosting, The challenge encouraged us to sew fun, frivolous items.  At first, I was thinking skirts and dresses and really girlie stuff. Then, I saw this cute flannel duster a mom made for her daughter in one of the Facebook sewing groups. I thought I can do something really extra with this idea. I tried to do that using Simplicity A8581. 

I styled it two ways to show even #sewfrosting can be an essential part of your wardrobe. 

Day Look
Night Look
The next time you see that piece that doesn't quite fit your wardrobe but you really want it anyway,  buy it!  If you want to sew a fancy dress,  but have no where to wear it, sew it anyway! Have your cake and #sewfrosting too!

If you'd like to know my opinion of the pattern, click here.

Until next time,  SMOOCHES!


We're Gonna Start This Thing Off Bright

Hey Loves!

I'm back this week with my first make of 2019. In the midst of making sewing plans for 2019, I had to make something purple to wear to a church event.

FabricMart had the perfect purple scuba knit on sale in December. I bought it in anticipation for this event.  It did not disappoint.

I saw this really cute outfit on IG fashion influencer @slipintostyle.

I love the style.  The top was a bit bulky for my already curvy frame but the style looked relaxed and fun.  I remembered I have Burda Style 6846.  It's just been sitting in my pattern stash chilling, waiting for it's chance to shine.  Well, the time came.

This was my first time making a Burda Style pattern.  Here are my thoughts:
Pattern is easy to follow. Great directions. Only a few pattern pieces.Finished garment measurements are on the pattern paper. I actually like them on the outside of the pattern to determine size and amount of fabric.  Because of the simplicity of the pattern, I was able to finish the to…

Let's Get It Started

Hey Loves,

I grew months ago I ordered the infamous ZOZO suit.  I left it sitting because I hoped I'd lose some weight.  Well, guess what I didn't.  Who looses weight over the holidays? Who was I kidding?

Well, I was about to start my first project of 2019.  I thought to myself, "Wait wait wait! Get in that suit and get your measurements." I did it and I'm glad I did.  Do I look amazing? Heck no!  But, I love the technology behind this.

Set up wasn't a walk in the park.  There's a tutorial that walls you through the pepper way to wear the suit and stand. It took 5 different table heights in 2 different rooms to get it to work. It told me the lighting was bad or too good and I was too close or too far away. Once I was in the perfect position, it worked like a charm. Turn around in a circle and it takes all the measurements.

I was impressed by the results. The measurements are very similar (off by about .25" to .5") to those I've taken recentl…

Reflect & Recharge

Hey Loves!

I haven't written much in a while.  I've been kinda ghost on all my social media accounts.  I've needed this time to be just be quiet.  I've spent a lot of days admiring the work of other sewcialists.  Honey, this may be a group of some of the most talented and inspiring people I've ever encountered.  I'm so serious.  I mean they really rock.

While I stalked all this awesomeness, I had time to reflect on 2018.  This year my struggle with anxiety got the best of me.  It almost completely broke me.  I rarely talk about it because I don't want to give it life, but this year, I struggled.  That overwhelmed feeling never went away.  It actually got worse as the year went on.  I couldn't get out of the hole.  The small victories that seemed to keep me together we my sewing projects:

Erin Pouch ( & Tulle Ball Gown  (http://heheheplusshe.blogsp…

NL6481: DIY Bell Sleeves

Hey Loves!
I'm back with another hack with half circle skirts.
Before I go on, let me say that circle skirts are a great tool in customizing basic designs.  Here are few ways I've used them:
Peplum on a shirtFlounce on a dress or skirtBell on a sleeve or pantsRuffleIf you don't know how to create a circle skirt, check out these posts:, I've added a high low circle skirt to the sleeves of New Look 6481. NL6481 is a separates pattern with a simple top, skirt, blazer, and pants. 
The top is perfect for knits and really quick and easy to put together - no dealing with zippers, buttons, or hook and eye.  
It's a super simple top. It's amazing how a simple modification makes such a huge difference.
You should try it.
Until next time, SMOOCHES!

DIY Boutique Pants

Hey Loves!

I'm back with a fun make.  Literally, it's fun to make and fun to wear.

It's so simple.  All you need is your favorite leggings pattern and self drafted half circle skirts.  Well, of course, you need the basic sewing supplies.  You know machines, needles, scissors, thread, etc.

First, let me tell you why D0746.  THE CONTOURED WAIST!  I love the three different options.  Did I say the contoured waist?!  The only adjustment I have to make is a Full Butt Adjustment.  I'm blessed with a little extra below the waist so that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, here's how I created these cuties:

Measured my inseam to just below my knee.Added 1" to that measurement.Marked that measurement on the pattern. This is the cut line for the leggings.  Cut out the pattern using the new cut line. If using 2 way stretch, make sure the stretch is horizontal.Now, measure the width of the cut line of the pattern. This is the circumference of top of your half circle sk…