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Hello March!

Hey Loves! It's March!  What happened to February? You know what I love about March?!  Spring is near.  After fashion week is all said and done, I like to check out the trends.  I tend to sew whatever I'm feeling but it's nice to know what the trends are for the season and try to add a little of that into my wardrobe.  I like the HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear trend reports. HapersBazaar is my favorite because they show you the runway style, some options to buy, and some street style.  Here's my top 5 from the two reports. Hot Pants/Short Shorts Both HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear had short shorts on their lists. Yes, I'm a little old for crop tops and short shorts.  BUT, I'm not too old for short shorts and a cute duster or maxi shirt dress. Do you see the vision? Pattern Suggestions: Linen Loungers by Patterns for Pirates  |  M7961 by McCall's Patterns  |  K3614 by KwikSew Bermuda Shorts Both HarpersBazaar and WhoWhatWear had Bermuda shorts on th

Flashback to February

Hey Loves! I hope you enjoyed February.  It was a short month that is usually packed full. Every month for me is packed but I seem to make it work! Here's what I made in February: Baby Shower Dress This one was special. This was for my nephew and his girlfriend's baby shower.  I purchased this pretty blue fabric from Fabricmart . The body of the dress is lined in a royal blue scrap from a dress for his mom. I used the Wiggle Dress pattern from Patterns for Pirates .  She looked gorgeous. We really enjoyed the shower.  Valentine's Cards My Cricut Explore Air 2 is becoming a good friend. We made some super cute candyless (I think I just made up a word.) Valentine's for my littles classmates...35 to be exact!   Junior Beta Club T-Shirts Hubby and I knocked out 17 of these shirts!  I love working work him. We have very different ways of doing things but we get it done!  I always use ShirtSpace for bulk t-shirt orders.  The prices and ser

Flashback to December & January

Hey Loves, I didn't post any of my December and January makes here. I didn't forget I just got busy. Well, I'm finally getting to it. Here are all the fun things I made at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. McCall's 7721 Sweatshirt with Custom Vinyl Pattern Review Simplicity 1605 Raglan Tee with Custom Vinyl Pattern Review Blog Post Simplicity 8911 Caftan in ITY Knit Pattern Review Blog Post Burda 7313 & McCall's M7202 Men's Cape with Hood Custom Vinyl Pattern Review Simplicity 8982 2 Piece Quilted Skirt Set Pattern Review Self-drafted Maxi Skirt Blog Post With Tutorial Glass Ornaments Custom Vinyl Ornaments from JoAnn Fabric Mirror Custom Vinyl Mirror from Wal-Mart Denim Button Shirt Custom Vinyl Shirt from Wal-Mart Custom Vinyl Sweatshirts Shirts from ShirtSpace Custom Vi

S1605: Little Boys Are Heroes in Disguise

Hey Loves! I'm back after a little break to spend time with family.   I thoroughly loved it. I sewed a few gifts during the break.  I'll share them in a few days. This post is about the cutest little t-shirt for my middle guy.  He loves when I make him things. He brags to his friends!  It makes me feel so good! Simplicity 1605 So my middle guy is growing like a weed! He's shooting up not out.  His long-sleeve shirts fit his body but not his arms. Lucky for us, we have another shooting up right behind him and I have some knit scraps.  I've found my larger knit scraps are perfect for making shirts for my little guys. For the sleeve and neckband contrast, I used a scrap piece from a cute project I hope to share soon.  The body of the shirt is a knit fabric I bought in a 2 yards for $2 package from Wal-Mart.  Can I tell you how much those precut packages have changed my Wal-Mart fabric shopping experience?! You can read all about my opinion of this pattern and t

S8255 + M7721: Comfy and Cute Jumpsuit

Hello Loves! I'm excited to share this super easy jumpsuit with you!  I hacked view B of Simplicity 8255 with the sleeves from view D of McCalls 7721. It's a really simple jumpsuit that can be customized in many different ways.  I figured sleeves were the simplest way to add a little jazz to the jumpsuit. I believe I was correct.  The sleeves definitely made a huge impact. I made this the day before Thanksgiving in about 4 hours...from fabric prep to last stitch.  It took me 1 hour to choose the perfect pattern for a cute comfy outfit.  I actually wanted to do this month's Sew Your View, but I've lost the pattern. :(  Maybe it will show up soon. Then, it took me half an hour to find the right sleeve hack for the pattern.  Once I had the combo right, I knew perfect comfy fabric. Sweatshirt fleece is so comfy and with a little stretch its perfect. I had to make some alterations: My hips make jumpsuits a fitting struggle but I dare not complain. I love my

Together We Can Do So Much: MDF068

Hey Loves! I normally sew alone, but some times you just want someone you can run things past and get some feedback.  There are so many sewing meetups going on everywhere but none in Alabama. So, we created one.  We started a Facebook group. Then, after about 3 months, we finally met up to sew. There were only 3 of us but we did it. I'm so glad we did. It was fun and I now have a new super cute cardigan. We chose a free pattern from Mood: the Willow Cardigan MDF068 . Yes, Mood has FREE PATTERNS and they are on-trend and cute. When you have a group of people sewing the same pattern, you don't know what you'll get. It's always fun to see how each person expresses their style through fabric choice. Each of us had a different type of fabric: fleece from JoAnn, burnout knit from Wal-Mart, and the recommended waffle knit from Mood. We had 2.5 hours to complete the project. We prepped our fabric prior to the meetup.  We got to work after we all arrived. I was LATE

The Struggle is Real: Simplicity 4070 & New Look 6533

Hey Loves! Today is Friday! This week is almost over. I get to start a new week on Sunday. I hope it's better than this one. Let's just say it's been one of those weeks (months) when nothing seemed to be right. I'm so glad I made it through! October has been so crazy. Sickness, loss, disappointment, stress, unrest, deadlines, busted plans... You name it. It happened this month. And honestly, this last week has made me feel like I don't know what I'm doing with life.  Wednesday, I thought I thought I'd reached a high point. I was notified I passed a test for professional certification. Your girl is certified! Then, Thursday brought more crazy.  That crazy carried over into today, but around 6 PM I got the thing that makes me happy...happy clients wearing my work! Jumpsuit using S4070 & NL6533 and self-drafted bow and train Mid-September, a client contacted me about her daughter's homecoming attire for today. I agreed to make it. I initially p