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Something Blue: Wedding Guest Dress

Hi Loves!

This week's post is all about this royal blue gown for one of my clients.   I want to start by saying I love when my clients are happy.  The best gift a client can give me is a good review.  This beauty wrote a review that had me in tears. 

She requested a royal blue gown for a wedding and I did my best to bring her vision to life.   Isn't she lovely?!

Here's how it came together:

This is a pattern hack for McCall's 7569 & 7047. I combined the two patterns plus a self drafted faux sleeve to make this dress.

Faux Sleeve:
The faux sleeve is self drafted. It is 15" wide and the length spans from selvage to selvage. The top, bottom, and one side has a double fold half inch hem. The unfinished side is gathered to match the length of the front bodice side starting 20" from the top of fabric to the bottom of the fabric. It is attached to the side of the front bodice with right sides together.

Bodice - M7569:
I cut the back bodice and lining acco…

Not Quite As Planned

Hey Loves!

It seems like lately everything I make for myself is so last minute just like this dress I made to wear to a fashion show a few weeks ago.

Here's the back story. 

My hubby surprised me with tickets to a fashion show hosted by some local boutiques.  He got enough for me and my friends because he knew I wasn't going alone.

Then, came the big question: What will I wear?!

Well, with limited time to make something, I had to go to my stash.   I kept coming back to fabric I had packaged with a jumpsuit pattern.   I wanted the fabric but didn't have time to read the pattern before making it.   Yes,  I read through patterns before I begin to sew.

So, what did I do? I went to Google to search for inspiration. I found a dress with a simple bodice and gathered skirt with high side split.   I thought I can whip that up quickly.  I made it in about 2 hours using the fabric I originally planned for a jumpsuit.

Here's how it came together:
This is a McCall's 7047 patter…

September Recap

Hey Loves!

Here's a recap of my September!

Here are the details:
2 self drafted skirts1 jumpsuit3 dresses (pink, red, black floral, and blue)1 self drafted shirt I'm pretty excited about completing 7 pieces in September. 
Details about the black floral and blue dresses are coming soon.
Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope to see you soon! 
Until next time,  Smooches!

Something Old; Something New: Wedding Ready

Hey Loves!

I'm excited about this dress.   Why?   Because in always excited about a successful project,  but also because I got to sew something from my Hancock stash.  Yes, I'm still sewing fabric from Hancock. 

Here's the background on this dress.   This is one of my repeat clients. We were shopping for fabric for another project and spotted this pink fabric in Hancock when they were going out of business.  We both bought yards of it. Well it's just been sitting here waiting for her to be ready to use it.   Well this wedding was the perfect opportunity, but she didn't have enough of the pink. I told her I figured I could make it work with a few yards of another fabric.  She said go for it.   So, we debated between olive,  nude,  and navy.   She chose navy.  The rest is history.   She didn't know how I would make it work but she trusted me.  Luckily,  I didn't disappoint.

Here's my review from

Pattern Description: Flashback to the 70…

Little Red Dress

Hey Loves!

How are you guys?

I'm doing well.   I'm excited to share my latest make with you.

Every year in September, our church has it's annual conference.   I look forward to the fellowship with other churches, the messages, and making something red for Sunday service.

Here's my something red:

I made this dress using 3 yards of this beautiful Ankara wax print from House of Mami Wata & NewLook 6370.  The zipper and white cotton I used to line the bodice ate from Wal-Mart.  The thread is from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I love this dress!  It took about 10 hours to make,  from cutting the pattern to finished hem.  I had a few firsts: lapped zipper and hand attached bodice.   I was also excited that it lenses itself perfectly for a little pattern matching.  The only thing I missed from this dress was pockets. I'll remember to add them next time.

Here's my review:

Pattern Description: 
Misses' dress with princess seams can be made V-neck with belt, half sleeves and o…

I'm International...Or My Creation Is

Hey Loves!

Here's one of my latest makes for my bestie.  She went on a cruise and wanted a custom jumpsuit.   She picked the pattern, M7598, and I selected this fabric because she loves blue.

She loved it and got lots of compliments.  What do you think?

Here's my review of the pattern:

Pattern Description: Very loose-fitting pullover dresses and step in jumpsuit have sleeve and length variations.
Pattern Sizing: 14-16-18-20-22
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? It was close to the image, but not exact.
Were the instructions easy to follow? The directions were very easy to follow.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love how quickly the jumpsuit came together. I don't like how low the sides are, but my friend loved it.
Fabric Used: Plum/Aqua/Violet/Black 100% Poly Abstract Floral Print Blouse Weight Woven Crepe 58W from FabricMart
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I omitted th…

Did Somebody Say Football?

Hey Loves!
DID SOMEBODY DAY FOOTBALL?!  Yes! Yes, they did!  I was waiting for football season all year.

First,  I love football.   Second,  this shirt right here.

I knew I was going to a football game Saturday.   I didn't know which game, but I knew I was gonna make something similar to that shirt, but when was I gonna make it? Ummmm, the day of the game of course.  One hour before the game start time,  I started.   It took me about 1.5 hours to make.
Here's what I chose to do differently.   I chose a shorter length,  a tie at the neckline instead of a button, and a sash belt instead of elastic in the waist.  Instead of white, I used this cute floral print that fit into my fall wardrobe vision.

To make it: Find a simple shirt with a nice fitFold the shirt in halfFold fabric in halfTrace the front of a simple shirt on the fold (Make sure you add 5/8" for inseam.)Trace the neckline, shoulders, sleeves, center, and sides of the back (Make sure you add 5/8" for inseam…