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Knocking Off the Hit List

Hey Loves!

I received my March 2017 issue of Essence Magazine.   I always check out the pages that show fashion trends first.   For all you fashionistas and sewcialists, Ava DuVernay is wearing a cute dress.   I'm thinking about replicating it soon.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about the Ann Taylor matching set on the hit list (page 24). It's really cute and simple.  Awesome print and simple design...that's me!  So guess what I did.   That's right.   I made a matching set.

I found a sweater knit with a fun print in my stash and the set was born.   I used two of my go to patterns: Simplicity 1072 and New Look 6217.  They are both really simple wardrobe staples.  The type of pattern you'll use over and over again.   I'm doing just that.

They are great for practicing techniques.   I did a great job with print matching on the skirt, but that shirt.   The shirt prints don't match up at all. I would have redone it but I didn't have enough fabric left over. …

Where's the baby?! Boys & Bowties

Hey Loves!

I'm back for #memade Monday.   I've been working on my laundry list of projects for the Sudoku Challenge and a few other cool projects that I'm trying to wrap up now that I am getting back to myself. Whew my creativity had been way off!  The end of 2016 took me for a ride. 
Anywho!  This post is not about me.  It's more about my oldest son.   He's growing up on me so fast.   It's seems surreal that I will have a tween this year.   Thanks to his 5th grade teacher, he's starting to show a real interest in bow ties.  One night while browsing the fabric section of Wal-mart, he picked up some fat quarters and said can you make bow ties from this.   How could I say no?!  
I used my favorite bow tie tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.  It's simple and great for growing boys who don't seem to wear anything long.  Jamie offers a tutorial for two different sizes, one for 6-13 year olds and one for the smaller guys. I made one for my …

Spring Wardrobe Is In Bloom

Hey Loves!
I'm really glad I joined this challenge. I've been thinking about doing a capsule wardrobe for a while. I just never got the nerve to do it. This took creating a capsule wardrobe to another level. And I'm up for he challenge!

And a challenge it is...I started on my items on 3/4/17. I had to think long and hard about my plan and how to execute it. My fabric stash is pretty large so I only plan to buy one item for this project. Cheers to me for resisting the urge to buy new fabric for this challenge.

I saw a few project inspirations in catalogs. Then, the ideas started to come together. Based off one inspiration pic, I knew navy blue would be in my project. Since navy is now considered a neutral, I needed a little color to go with the navy. I found pink and a perfect floral in the fabric stash. I love pink and florals so that was perfect. Add in white and i think it's complete. All of my favorites in one place.

Now what's on my list? What's the plan? …

Lesson Learned

McCall's 7047 Modified Using Simplicity 1072
Hey Loves!

I'm so excited about today's Tip Tuesday. It's actually a combination of Me Made Monday and Top Tuesday. I get really excited to see other people wearing my creations especially when they feel good in them.  She looked gorgeous and said she felt gorgeous.  That's all that matters!

The two piece ensemble was her vision.   I immediately knew I'd use McCall 7047 to make it.   I'm always using it for different projects and knew it could easily be adjusted to meet her need. It definitely fit the bill. Here's a link to my review of this project.

So let's talk about the fabric.   It's a quilted knit from Joann Fabrics.   I used the same fabric in boysenberry to make this cardigan. (Here are links to the black and boysenberry quilted knit fabrics.)  I love different fabrics.   I guess it's one of my things.   I love texture of this fabric.   I also love the elasticity.   It has a close stitch w…

Flashback Friday: Pieced Maxi Skirt

Hey Loves!
Flashing back to this skirt right here.   It's a modified McCall's 7047. Check out the steps for creating this pieced maxi.
This skirt is so comfy and goes from dress to casual and back with a change of top, shoes, and accessories. 
Give it a try.   I promise you'll love it. 
Check out the review on 
Until mertime, Smooches!

Keep It Classic

Hey Loves!

I love a classic silhouette in a nice print.   McCall's 6886 is an easy pattern that allows you to showcase the fabric print.  It's sew my style!

I love this pattern because it's simple with options: 3 necklines, 4 sleeves, and 4 lengths. The best thing is this simple silhouette can be customized many ways.  I plan to try out many customizations. You can find out more about the pattern here.

This time I decided to keep it simple.   I used a beautiful print with a solid black print.   I choose this print because it gave me a chance to practice matching prints. I was so focused on matching prints that I neglected placement.   I would have put the diamonds around my waist instead of hips.  I done think my hips should be the focal point but that's how it turned out.  Nonetheless, I love it!

I worked on fitting as well.  The waist turned out well.   I'm still working on bust fitting. There is still a slight gap in the bust area.  I'll work on that the n…

Simple But Full of Pop

Hey Loves!

It's Fri-Yay! Flashback Friday!

I'm excited to share of my favorite makes.  It's simple but full of pop: self-draft day scuba knit midi pencil skirt!

That fabric was love at first site!  I couldn't leave Hancock without it!  Ugh, I miss that store!  Anyway, so much for my memory lane sadness.

It was my first time using scuba knit.  I was scared to touch it because it was so pretty.   I decided to make something simple so the print and fit could do all the talking.   I loved not having to hem it because most knits don't unravel and like woven fabrics.

I ended up with this skirt that I love!  The fabric is pretty.   It fits me like a glove, even after having another little guy.   The fabric is very forgiving.   I don't feel naked because of the length.   And my son isn't going on and on because it's too short.  It's sew my style!

Do you have favorite makes?  If so, I'd love to hear about them.

Until next time,  Smooches!