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S8255 + M7721: Comfy and Cute Jumpsuit

Hello Loves!

I'm excited to share this super easy jumpsuit with you!  I hacked view B of Simplicity 8255 with the sleeves from view D of McCalls 7721.

It's a really simple jumpsuit that can be customized in many different ways.  I figured sleeves were the simplest way to add a little jazz to the jumpsuit. I believe I was correct.  The sleeves definitely made a huge impact.

I made this the day before Thanksgiving in about 4 hours...from fabric prep to last stitch.  It took me 1 hour to choose the perfect pattern for a cute comfy outfit.  I actually wanted to do this month's Sew Your View, but I've lost the pattern. :(  Maybe it will show up soon. Then, it took me half an hour to find the right sleeve hack for the pattern.  Once I had the combo right, I knew perfect comfy fabric. Sweatshirt fleece is so comfy and with a little stretch its perfect.

I had to make some alterations:

My hips make jumpsuits a fitting struggle but I dare not complain. I love my curves.  I graded

Together We Can Do So Much: MDF068

Hey Loves!

I normally sew alone, but some times you just want someone you can run things past and get some feedback.  There are so many sewing meetups going on everywhere but none in Alabama. So, we created one.  We started a Facebook group. Then, after about 3 months, we finally met up to sew. There were only 3 of us but we did it. I'm so glad we did. It was fun and I now have a new super cute cardigan.

We chose a free pattern from Mood: the Willow Cardigan MDF068. Yes, Mood has FREE PATTERNS and they are on-trend and cute.

When you have a group of people sewing the same pattern, you don't know what you'll get. It's always fun to see how each person expresses their style through fabric choice. Each of us had a different type of fabric: fleece from JoAnn, burnout knit from Wal-Mart, and the recommended waffle knit from Mood.

We had 2.5 hours to complete the project. We prepped our fabric prior to the meetup.  We got to work after we all arrived. I was LATE but it was f…

The Struggle is Real: Simplicity 4070 & New Look 6533

Hey Loves!

Today is Friday! This week is almost over. I get to start a new week on Sunday. I hope it's better than this one. Let's just say it's been one of those weeks (months) when nothing seemed to be right. I'm so glad I made it through!

October has been so crazy. Sickness, loss, disappointment, stress, unrest, deadlines, busted plans... You name it. It happened this month. And honestly, this last week has made me feel like I don't know what I'm doing with life.  Wednesday, I thought I thought I'd reached a high point. I was notified I passed a test for professional certification. Your girl is certified! Then, Thursday brought more crazy.  That crazy carried over into today, but around 6 PM I got the thing that makes me happy...happy clients wearing my work!
Mid-September, a client contacted me about her daughter's homecoming attire for today. I agreed to make it. I initially planned to use 2 Mood Fabric patterns but I didn't like the way it tur…

Reinventing an Old Classic: McCall's 6886

Hey Loves!
I don't know many people who didn`t try McCall's 6886. The simple fitted sheath was a huge hit. It was easy to make and looked really flattering. I loved it.
Well, today, I'm sharing how I reinvented one of my favorite patterns. I hate to admit it but I'm getting older. My body is changing. My style is also changing.  I went from fired and sexy to cute and comfy overnight it seems. Anybody else feel like that?

I needed a cute dress for a trip. I pulled out McCall's 6886. I thought that's easy but I want something a little less fitted. Then, I thought well just make it bigger. I love the shape, but need a little more room. So, I cut the view F of the pattern 1 size too big. I added 3/4 length sleeves. It came out perfect.

I used a super soft knit from JoAnn Fabrics. Guess what, it's actually on clearance now! It's super comfy. I even received a few compliments.  I felt really good wearing it.

Have you gone through a style change recently? Ha…

Cute and Comfy: S8911

Hey Loves,

I'm back with a review of Simplicity 8911 from their Summer 2019 collection.  It's simple to make and so comfy to wear. It is so flattering.

This dress was so easy to make that I over thought serging the corners. So much so that I looked up technique on YouTube:
Serging Inward CornersSerging Outward Corners And I confirmed the necessity of the elastic in the neckline with sew sister, @divinedita.

This is why sewing is the best hobby ever.  I had doubts an I found help for free on YouTube and from a sew sister who didn't hesitate to reassure me that everything would turn out great.

Check out my pattern review on Pattern Review.

Here are a few more pictures. Yes, my hubby took all these pictures of me. He's so sweet!

Until next time, Smooches!

Ollie Bomber: Shining, Shining, Shining

Hey Loves!

I've posted 2 weeks in a row. WHAT?! I can't believe it!  You probably can't either.

So you all know I love pretty fabrics! Working with pretty fabrics makes me so happy!  This was one of those projects that made me smile.
OK. Here's a little peek into my history. Right out of college, I took a stab at teaching. I really liked my students, but I hated the classroom. Thank God for that experience because it led me to corporate education. I've been there ever since - almost 15 years.  Funny, now, I'm creating designs for one of my student's son.  She sent me an inspiration photo and her color request for gold and royal.  I wasn't able to get to her to get the measurements, so she had them done and sent them to me.  I found fabric in the ABfabrics16 shop on Etsy. Then, I searched the web for the perfect children's bomber jacket pattern.  The most popular bomber jacket pattern in the search was the Ollie Bomber Jacket by Sew a Little Seam. Th…

S8635: Perfectly Mismatched

Hey Loves,

I did a thing! I mixed prints! I'm so excited to share it with you.

Here's a little background on the fabric. I won this rayon challis fabric from Sly Fox Fabrics a little over a year ago. Sly Fox has some really cute prints. They also do a great job of curating their fabrics. They also have a collection of prints they have paired. The fabric quality is really good. Check them out.

I needed a dress to wear to Freedom Fest 2019 in Birmingham, AL.  I searched Pinterest for festival attire.  A lot of little shorts and even small tops showed up.  Sprinkled in between were a few cute maxi dresses that had mixed prints.  I remembered I had this fabric. Then, I remembered I had Simplicity 8635.  I thought this will work.  If not, I'll make it work. LOL

Thankfully, it turned out great. S8635 was very easy to construct. I was very happy to see that there are only a few pattern pieces. The directions were really easy to follow. I love that there are 3 variations for the ba…