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DIY Boutique Pants

Hey Loves!

I'm back with a fun make.  Literally, it's fun to make and fun to wear.

DIY Boutique Pants
D0746 + 4 half circle skirts
Fabric: Textured Double Knit from FabricMart

It's so simple.  All you need is your favorite leggings pattern and self drafted half circle skirts.  Well, of course, you need the basic sewing supplies.  You know machines, needles, scissors, thread, etc.

First, let me tell you why D0746.  THE CONTOURED WAIST!  I love the three different options.  Did I say the contoured waist?!  The only adjustment I have to make is a Full Butt Adjustment.  I'm blessed with a little extra below the waist so that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, here's how I created these cuties:

  • Measured my inseam to just below my knee.
  • Added 1" to that measurement.
  • Marked that measurement on the pattern. This is the cut line for the leggings.  
  • Cut out the pattern using the new cut line. If using 2 way stretch, make sure the stretch is horizontal.
  • Now, measure the width of the cut line of the pattern. This is the circumference of top of your half circle skirts.  
  • Calculate the radius using the circumference.  Use this link.
  • Now, measure from just below the knee to the floor.
  • Add the last measurement to the radius.  
  • You should have two measurements: radius and length.  
  • Fold the fabric in half with salvages together.  
  • Look at this diagram from
  • Mark your fabric using the measurements you made. Tip:  Keep your ruler or measuring tape in the corner of the fold. Move it from the fold to the salvage. Mark each measurement add you go. 
  • Connect your marks and cut. You'll need 4.
  • Sew the pattern as directed on the pattern.
  • Sew the sides of the 2 circle skirts.  Repeat.
  • Connect each circle skirt to the bottom of the leggings.
  • Hem!
  • Don't forget to iron! 
You're all done!  Now, twirl and have fun in your pants.  After all, why make them if you're not gonna twirl?! 

If you make them, tag me on IG @heheheplusshe or email me so I can post them.  I wanna see your makes!

Don't sew but want a pair, email me

Until next time, smooches,



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