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I Love Prints

Hi Loves!
If you didn't know, I love prints!  Like, I really, really like prints.  This one from Fabric Mart is one of my favorites.  It's an ITY knit in an ethnic print.

Normally, I would have made a dress. This time, I decided to do something a little different.  I see these wardrobe patterns all the time.  Sometimes, I think that's old ladyish.  Other times, I'm like it would be cool to have a few coordinating pieces.  Well, I saw See N Sew B6368 and decided it would be a good one for me try with a printed knit. It's an easy pattern that can create great wardrobe building pieces. Here's a link to my full pattern review.

I styled these 2 pieces 3 ways with a pencil skirt I made a few years ago (review of another skirt I made from this pattern) and a RTW shirt I bought from Target (plus size version).

Look 1
Print on Bottom
Top: Target
Pants: B6368
Shoes: Charming Charlie Look 2
Print on Top
Top: B6368
Skirt: S1072
Shoes: Gift
(Adrienne, Similar) Look 3
Print All Ov…

Three of My Favorite Things: Him, HBCUs, and Sewing

Hi Loves!

I'm so excited about this post because I get to talk about 3 of my favorites: my hubby, HBCUs, and sewing.

I ❤ my husband.  He's really My Guy!  I'm so thankful to get to share my life with him.  With 3 kids, getaways aren't happening often.  So, anniversaries are often celebrated on a small scale.  This year was no different. Hubby spent the day doing his monthly service project.  That night, we got glammed up for Mayor's Masked UNCF Ball.  My employer sponsored a table.   UNCF provides scholarships to students attending member Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  As a graduate of a HBCU, I was proud to be at the ball and to see all of the support for HBCUs in the building.  To learn more about HBCUs, check out the PBS special,

Now, you know I had to make something to wear.  With a week to make a dress, I decided to go simple...nothing that required extensive fitting.  At…

Pattern Review: Erin Pouch by Lejanarob

Hey Loves!

I'm late getting this out but better late than never.

I chat with some other sewcialists quite often.  They all dabble in bag making.  I'm the odd man out.  I tried it a few times and it was OK.  I won't say it's my favorite thing.  When Lee of asked me to test her first pattern I was excited and scared.  I planned to make it as an accessory in my first look in my self made wardrobe (more on that later), but I haven't gotten around to it.  So, tonight I decided to just make it. I needed a mental break from my other projects.

Here's my review and some pics:

Pattern Description:
Small clutch bag with optional wristlet

Pattern Sizing:
One size - Slim and Compact

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? It looked similar to the examples on the blog.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions were written well with pictures and a supply list.  I was able to follow the directions wit…

It Has Arrived

Hey Loves!

So, I'm kinda a pattern hoarder.  I buy them.  I look at them.  That's about it.

This year, I'm trying to pick patterns I really want to sew to build my wardrobe and to get rid of some of my fabric stash.

When I saw the McCall's $2.99 pattern sale, I decided to make my first direct McCall's purchase.  The waiting almost took me out.  The package arrived today and my eyes lit up.

Here's what was in the package:

I love them all.  I can't wait to plan a few looks with them in my new FREE sewing planner by Seamwork Magazine.

I won't start sewing until the look is mapped out.  This excitement will get me started soon!

Until next time, Smooches!

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2018 is Here: I'm Not Ready

Hey Loves,

2018 crept on in here and caught me slipping.  Really, I'm totally not ready.  But, time waits for no one!  So, here goes nothing.
I got in on this great challenge by the skin of my teeth.  I actually got a too late notice.  :(  Then, I got a you're in notice. :)  Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  I'm one of 1067 sewists participating in the 2018 RTW Fast.  I'm number 1024.  See! I barely made it!

Well, here's where the unpreparedness kicks in.  I had an event to go to and nothing to wear the night before. Normally, I'd go look for something last minute.  If I didn't find anything, I'd sew up old faithful M6886 and add a little something extra to make it give it some of my flavor.  Well, that wasn't happening at all.  See, I'm fasting from all clothing purchases, including emergency last minute situations.  Yea, what did I get myself into?!  Then, I remembered my after Christmas shopping excursion:  Target clearance + 20% off &…

Bargain Shopping: Roaring 20s Party Costume

Hey Loves!

I attended a roaring 20s party.  Here's all about how my costume came together.

I received an invite to a roaring 20s themed birthday party. I immediately thought about making a flapper dress.   I checked out Pinterest ands saw a lot of sequins and a lot of fringe.  All you of you that dabble in sewing know that those things can be expensive.   I also hate sewing sequins!

I saw this pic and thought this is totally doable.

 I was going to make the dress,  but I just didn't feel like it.   So my hubby digested I go buy something.   He even came along.   I'm glad he did because he found the perfect dress hiding on a sale rack for $5 in Rainbow.  You know I love a deal.  I wish I had taken pics of the back. It's the perfect little black dress.

The next day, I checked out Charming Charlie for some accessories.   I walked out with 2 necklaces, headband, earrings, bracelets, scarf, and shoes for $41.  These are all accessories I can wear again, especially for the h…