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Bargain Shopping: Roaring 20s Party Costume

Hey Loves!

I attended a roaring 20s party.  Here's all about how my costume came together.

I received an invite to a roaring 20s themed birthday party. I immediately thought about making a flapper dress.   I checked out Pinterest ands saw a lot of sequins and a lot of fringe.  All you of you that dabble in sewing know that those things can be expensive.   I also hate sewing sequins!

I saw this pic and thought this is totally doable.

 I was going to make the dress,  but I just didn't feel like it.   So my hubby digested I go buy something.   He even came along.   I'm glad he did because he found the perfect dress hiding on a sale rack for $5 in Rainbow.  You know I love a deal.  I wish I had taken pics of the back. It's the perfect little black dress.

The next day, I checked out Charming Charlie for some accessories.   I walked out with 2 necklaces, headband, earrings, bracelets, scarf, and shoes for $41.  These are all accessories I can wear again, especially for the h…

Love It or Leave It

Hey Loves!

This post is about a jumpsuit that sounded good in concept but when it was done...ummmm I don't know.

My hubby and I were apart of a relationship panel,  so I needed something to wear.  I thought I'd make an off shoulder jumpsuit with a flounce at the neckline.  I had some fabric I'd just received from Fabric Mart.

I chose one of the busiest prints ever.  Now, I'm bigger than I was last year.  In my mind,  I thought this was a good idea.   Well, it was cute until I put it on. 

It's simply made:
Make slim fitting pants (any tights pattern will work).Create a flutter top ( You can elongate the center by adding a few inches to the center of the flutter. Attach the pants & top at the waist.   Finish edges as desired. Four steps and 2.5 hours later,  I was all done and not happy with the outcome.   I felt it was to busy for my body type.   But, I owned it and had a blast on the panel and with my crew.

I decided to give it ano…

Nubian Princess: Custom Homecoming Attire

Hey Loves!

If this isn't cute, I don't know what it is!  When asked to create this outfit for her first homecoming, I was honored and then super excited.  She already had a vision. I only had to execute it.

They searched for fabric at House of Mami Wata on Etsy.  They found this fabric.   When it arrived, they were nervous that it wasn't correct.   This fabric has a raised wax pattern.   It looks and feels great.   I reassured them it would be perfect.

I used Simplicity 1664.  I've I've had it for a while.  I bought it when I was in better shape.  I was glad to be able to finally sew it because I am no where near that size.

I sewed view A for the shirt and view C skirt.   Here's my review:

Shirt - View A: I followed the directions exactly. I initially made a size 8. It came out perfectly, but was too small. I made size 10. It looked great and fit perfectly. This was my first separating zipper. It was surprisingly easy. This pattern seemed to be designed just for…

Let It Shine: Wedding Guest Attire

Hey Loves!

This week's post features a really simple dress that shined bright.

Most of the designs I make for myself are for special events and inspired by something I saw somewhere.  This dress is no exception to that.  I was invited to wedding by a sweetheart.  I couldn't miss it, but needed something to wear.  Walking past the cutting counter in JoAnn Fabrics, a metallic fabric caught my eye.  I left it, but on my next trip it was still there. I consisted that a sign and bought it for the wedding. Then, I saw the simple silhouette of this dress.

I immediately thought I should use McCall''s 6886 and add a flounce to get a similar effect.   Now,  the sleeves were an afterthought that caused me to teething the flounce.   I decided to make a flounce to match the bell sleeves.   The sleeves are 6" ruffled bell.  The flounce is a 15" ruffled bell.  The width of all the bells are 2.5 times the width of the hem.  I hand ruffle to avoid snapping threads.   I may do…

Something Blue: Wedding Guest Dress

Hi Loves!

This week's post is all about this royal blue gown for one of my clients.   I want to start by saying I love when my clients are happy.  The best gift a client can give me is a good review.  This beauty wrote a review that had me in tears. 

She requested a royal blue gown for a wedding and I did my best to bring her vision to life.   Isn't she lovely?!

Here's how it came together:

This is a pattern hack for McCall's 7569 & 7047. I combined the two patterns plus a self drafted faux sleeve to make this dress.

Faux Sleeve:
The faux sleeve is self drafted. It is 15" wide and the length spans from selvage to selvage. The top, bottom, and one side has a double fold half inch hem. The unfinished side is gathered to match the length of the front bodice side starting 20" from the top of fabric to the bottom of the fabric. It is attached to the side of the front bodice with right sides together.

Bodice - M7569:
I cut the back bodice and lining acco…

Not Quite As Planned

Hey Loves!

It seems like lately everything I make for myself is so last minute just like this dress I made to wear to a fashion show a few weeks ago.

Here's the back story. 

My hubby surprised me with tickets to a fashion show hosted by some local boutiques.  He got enough for me and my friends because he knew I wasn't going alone.

Then, came the big question: What will I wear?!

Well, with limited time to make something, I had to go to my stash.   I kept coming back to fabric I had packaged with a jumpsuit pattern.   I wanted the fabric but didn't have time to read the pattern before making it.   Yes,  I read through patterns before I begin to sew.

So, what did I do? I went to Google to search for inspiration. I found a dress with a simple bodice and gathered skirt with high side split.   I thought I can whip that up quickly.  I made it in about 2 hours using the fabric I originally planned for a jumpsuit.

Here's how it came together:
This is a McCall's 7047 patter…

September Recap

Hey Loves!

Here's a recap of my September!

Here are the details:
2 self drafted skirts1 jumpsuit3 dresses (pink, red, black floral, and blue)1 self drafted shirt I'm pretty excited about completing 7 pieces in September. 
Details about the black floral and blue dresses are coming soon.
Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope to see you soon! 
Until next time,  Smooches!