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One Wild Experience: McCall's M6754

The dream of this dress started one day in Hancock Fabrics when I saw a beautiful reptile print that I couldn't leave behind.  The pattern came shortly after during a 5 for $5 sale at JoAnn's. 

I was really excited because this was going to be my first pattern project.   I thought I was ready for the challenge.   Boy, was I mistaken?!  I almost gave up a few times but I persevered.  Now, I have a cute little dress to show for it.

Here's my review of the pattern.
Pattern Number:  McCall's M6754
View: D
Would I sew it again? Yes definitely.   I love the finished product and have learned a few lessons that will make the next one much easier.
Pros:  Cutting the fabric was really simple. Directions were easy to follow, even for a novice like me.
Cons:  Using the pattern measurements, the bodice and sleeves were way too big.  I had to alter 1.5" on both sides. 
What I learned:
  • Always check pattern reviews before starting a new pattern. Try Thanks to Adrienne from Adrienne's Essentials for sharing that great nugget of information with me. 
  • Make alterations with the sleeves attacked.   I found it very difficult to adjust the sleeves to the new opening.

My hubby thought I was cute so all the crazy nights were worth it.

Outfit info:  Headband (scraps from dress - Free), Sweater (Rue 21 - $10 - over a year ago) , Dress (McCall's M6754 & reptile fabric - $12), Tights (Wal-Mart - $5), Shoes (JustFab - $40 - over a year ago)
This is also posted on the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.  Check out some of the other projects there.


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