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Fall Mantle Decor: Dollar Tree Craft

Happy Sunday!

Fall has arrived!  I love Fall!   Here in Alabama we get to experience all 4 seasons.  The colors of Fall are absolutely gorgeous in our area.

All week, I've had an itch to craft but I've really had no time.  Yesterday, I made a run to the grocery store and I couldn't resist going in Dollar Tree.  Walking down the decor aisle, I was inspired to make some small floral arrangements for the mantle. I thought this could be done really really quick.  So, I spent $10 for what would become 2 small floral arrangements that would begin our home transition to Fall.

Here's what I used:
1. 2 glass vases, Dollar Tree
2. 1 bag of small river rocks, Dollar Tree
3. 1 bag of large river rocks, Dollar Tree
4. 5 bushels of flowers (Fall colors), Dollar Tree
5. Brown ribbon, my stash
6. 2 Golden jewels
7. Hot glue gun & stick
8. Wire cutters

What I did:
1. Cut each flower stem from the bushel. This is optional if you have an even number of bushels that are the same.
2. Divide the flowers evenly to make 2 floral arrangements.
3. Fill each vase with half the large river rocks.
4. Fill each vase with half the small river rocks.
5. Arrange the flowers in the vase.
6. Tie the ribbon around the car with a double knot.
7. Fold the hanging ribbon in half. Cut down at an angle from the fold to the outer bottom corner.
8. Hot glue a jewel over each knot.

While sitting at the table with my family enjoying a few laughs, I made the two arrangements. It took about 10 minutes.

They are awfully cute on the mantle. They are even cuter to me because I know they only cost $5.00 each.

What are you doing to bring a little Fall in your home?

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