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Shop With Me - 4: My Favorite Tunic

So, I'm checking out linky parties and ran across Putting Me Together's One Piece Many Ways Linkup.  I'm not really big on being photographed more the once wearing the same thing.  So, I don't have many pictures of me wearing the same thing twice. So, I combed through my photos.  There in the my many pictures I found 3 photos of me wearing my favorite green tunic, a gift from the hubby.  This tunic has gone on many vacations, to many parties, and even to work.
1 Tunic 3 Ways

Yes, all of these pictures are of me.  I like to experiment with hairstyles.

Let's talk about the three looks:

The 1st Look - Party Fit:
Tunic paired with bronze belt, bronze sandals, and minimal gold accessories. This is the way my hubby intended for it to be worn. He thinks I can wear just about anything.  I think it's great that he loves my body.
The 2nd Look - Date Fit:
Tunic paired with dark denim, colorful sandals, and minimal gold accessories.  Hubby and I went to our favorite brewery in Gatlinburg, TN. 
The 3rd Look - Church Fit :
Tunic paired with a black pencil skirt, black sandals, black clutch, and silver accessories.  This is my favorite look.  It's simple yet classy and sexy.  

Do you have favorite go to item in your closet?  How do you style it to keep it looking fresh and new?

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