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I'm Sewing?!

Well, my hubby bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day.  I had been talking about getting one for a while.  So, I am very pleased that he bought me a Brother LS-590. I hadn't sewn since baby doll  clothes at my grandma's house so I was super nervous about getting started again.

I knew I needed to make a crib skirt but I didn't want to jump into something over my head. So, off to Google I went.  Typed in easy bed skirt and a list of no-sew and easy sewing projects popped up.  I read through a few and found a no-fail crib skirt tutorial by Liz at It's Great To Be Home.  It seemed like a winner for me.  I used it as a guide to make my own skirt.

I used:

My fabric was 44 inches wide.  I cut it into 3 17" height strips.  I folded a  1" hem at the top and bottom of each strip.  Then, ironed in the hem of each strip.  I then sewed a 5/8" seam into the top and bottom of each strip.  Then I laid 2 strips facing in, pinned them then sewing a 5/8" seam down the side.  I repeated this step for the 3rd strip.  I folded the not hemmed edges 1" and  ironed down the hem.  I sewed a 5/8" hem on the outer edges. We're almost done.  I added industrial strength Velcro to the back of the fabric following the packing directions (Wal-Mart - clearance $2). All done!

In 1 hour, I had a bed skirt.  Pretty awesome.

Here's a sneak peak!  This picture is of the unfinished skirt.  I love the fabric!

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